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Poets and lovers of poetry to The Literary Lounge. A community of poets from around the world sharing their voices in multi-media style Poetry Slams. Grab your beverage of choice and link a poem or simply sit back and enjoy the show.

Past Slams

On December 30th, 2011 The River Journal saw a conversation come to fruition.  When River Urke and Natasha Head were discussing  the many forums available to us to share our words, it was mentioned a multi-media online event would be unique and exciting. An event dedicated to more than merely posting ones work for reading and critique. Did we know how to make this happen…not really, but we committed to the idea, and ended the year with The River’s first “annual” poetry slam.We were both impressed and surprised by the positive reaction the event received.  Were there bumps and bruises as the team worked to pull this off? Certainly…but one thing was clear.  The poets were just as excited about the idea as we were.  How could we keep this bottled up for another year?As bugs were worked out and results tallied, we determined that we could work together to make more of these events available to the writing communities. Since the success of our first Poetry Slam, a home has been built to house the event, the team has worked out a schedule that will allow us to bring this to you on a quarterly basis, and we are all so excited for future slams and the community that together, we can foster.Before our first poetry slam, our winner, Charles Townsend, had no idea of the vibrancy and reach of the online poetry world.  We’re happy to tell you he has plans on wading in deeper, and stating a blog of his own.  To us, nothing could have made our first Poetry Slam event any more of a success.
by Natasha Head
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