~~~~WELCOME ~~~~

Poets and lovers of poetry to The Literary Lounge. A community of poets from around the world sharing their voices in multi-media style Poetry Slams. Grab your beverage of choice and link a poem or simply sit back and enjoy the show.

Our Slam Story

There are many poetry communities online that have open link times for poets to gather together. They read, learn, and critique each other’s work depending on what site it is and day. Our poetry mission, at The River, has always been to be a place for poets to be heard from around the world. Until now, we have accomplished this by publishing their poems but that did not feel like enough. It only encompassed the written word of voice. So, to keep with our mission we have come up with a way poets can be heard by sound with an online multi-media Poetry Slam. Recordings, videos, and winners!

The Poet Palooza is an event to break the cyber barrier 
and carry the voices of poets online around the world.

Every quarter around the year we hold a poetry slam.
A contest of poetry readings in auto recordings and video.
Come and Join the fun!
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