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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vote for your Favorite

Are you ready to Vote for your Favorite
Poetry Reading

You can vote one time per category
Audio ---- Video
the readings can be found below in the individual posts
please do not vote for yourself
We ask you put aside any favoritism
and vote for the reading that struck you the most.

We ask the poets to understand if their friends
vote elsewhere.

Place your votes in the comments below!

Thank You!


Natasha Head said...

Aaron Kent ~ Audio

Pete Armetta & Charlie Mounsey ~ Video (still have goosebumps!)

Anonymous said...

audio ~ Chris L. 'Avenue'
excellent voice

video ~ River & Tommy
poem & video equally sweet

Sheila said...

audio - Daniela Voicu

video - River and Tommy

debadrita said...

audio- C. Rose
Video- River and Tommy

River said...

audio- Chris Lawrence

video-Dunkle Deed

Michael Deqel said...

Daniela Voicu (Somebody) -- Audio
Pete Armetta (ghosts) -- Video

Pete Armetta said...


Natasha Head-Tag Team

debomita said...

audi0- debadrita
video - pete

Dunkle Deed said...

Audio: "Somebody" by Daniela Voicu
Video: "I Can" by Neva Flores

Unknown said...

audio - Natasha

video - River & Tommy

Excellent message
Excellent representation